Lucky animals

lucky animals

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There is a lot of information online on the subject, and you may easily find it yourself. Elephants are great for feng shui. They protect and bring good luck to your home.

If they are wooden it is a good idea to place them in the south, south-east or east of your home. Hi Avorodisa, my Kodiak sign is Taurus, what is my Chinese animal and what should I wear or place in my apartment to bring me health, wealth and happiness?

Hi Prabs, feng shui is an Eastern system of knowledge and it is different from the Western one. Keeping goldfish is beneficial in feng shui, and if you believe in it, twice so.

So keep on keeping your godlfish by all means. Fenh shui has several remedies that you can try to have a child. The basic ones are Kuan Yin, peach and some stones like carnelian and red jasper that you can wear.

Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy and many great things, one of which is childbirth. You can have an amulet-pendant in the form of Kuan Yin from carnelian, for example.

Peach can be a figurine that you can buy in a feng shui shop. Place the peach near your bed. Laughing Buddha with children is said to help.

Finally, some feng shui masters recommend placing a pregnant round-bellied dragon in the east corner. Also, elephants with lowered trunks help get pregnant.

Thank you very very much for your kindness. I shall reaarange the decoration as guided by you. After marriage i have shifted hence my parents house is empty.

I visit once a month for cleaning etc. I am single child and hve lost both my parents. I am trying for a child as i got maried late.

Any remedy or suggestion for conceiving soon. Would love to be a mother soon and give the lill one the love and values i received from my beloved parents.

May God Bless you always. Wow, that seems like lots of things to me But your wall unit is all good things. In feng shui a nicely decorated wall is always a plus.

There is even a notion of the main wall in the room. This is the wall that is mostly looked at, the most visible and prominent wall of the room.

If decorated properly, it brings wealth, luck and happiness to the residents. Your shelves seem beneficial to me. However, you mentioned religious objects buddha, hindu gods, king.

These should take a higher place on the highest shelf. Humans are smaller beings, so place them on the middle shelf.

Animals are still smaller beings, so place them on the lowest shelf. Just east is the family direction, so by having this wall in the east you will boost family well-being, and if you place it in the north, it will help career.

Hi I have small marble statues of birds, peocoks, cows, elephants and dogs in showcase of one shelf of wall unit. Second shelf h as hindu Gods pics and miniature statues of metal.

Third shelf has one stuffed toy , one three legged frog,small buddha, one hand painted elephant with the king astride on it two metal lady statues flower vase etc.

Wall unit is facingeast. Can i change the direction to north. I am born on 10 May and husband on 24 Aug No children uptil now.

Kindly help us and guide us in our lives. Hi, in feng shui horse and rat are two signs that collapse. This means that people who are born under the sign of rat are not recommended to have a horse as a symbol in their home.

North is the rat sector, so having a horse symbol here will bring conflict. See they would oppose north which is not good either.

Try placing them anywhere else. Buddha is good as well as turtle. This symbol may be helpful especially in the north unless you have a bedroom here.

If you have a bedroom in the north, place the statue in the north of your living room to boost your career growth. North has a lucky 8 star this year , so be sure to activate it.

Rat symbol is good for you to wear as body jewelry, as well. My zodiac is virgo and chinese animal is rat, recently i bought a picture of 8 horses becoz my husband animal is horse,whether it is good 4 me or not becoz now im searching for a job please help me.

Unless one of your family members is born on the year of Rat according to the Chinese zodiac, having two horses in your living room seems like a good idea.

Horses boost reputation, recognition, fame and social status. The major wall is the one most open, most looked at in the room.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Kristen Howe. By the way, stuffed animals are considered bad feng shui, as dead bodies emanate negative yin energy.

Otherwise, any symbols that are not killed animals but just figurines, images, etc. This was real interesting to know. My late mother loved elephants--it became our family symbol.

She collected everything from figurines to stuffed animals. Now I keep them in part of tradition. I just need to find them in metallic ones, someday.

Hello I planned to buy the 8 lucky charm introducing above images. I want to buy a house. Just want to keep a lucky charm so that i get new house soon.

I can recommend you for making friends and mates place your animal-friend in the corresponding area of your home. You were born the year of a pig, so place a picture or a statuette of a rat in the north of your apartment or house.

Rat is your animal-helper when it comes to love, friendship and co-thinkers. In feng shui this is called "peach blossom formula", although it has nothing to do with peaches, lol.

The fact is, they compare the beauty of the face of a beloved to a peach blossom. If you want to buy a special ring to protect you and bring good luck to you, using Chinese zodiac I would choose a pig ring, your animal sign.

How can I do to solve this problem? I was born at the year of pig. One more , I decide to buy fengshui ring, can you tell me which symbol on the ring is good for me?

Dragon ring or frog ring? Is it ok if I wear snake ring? Once again thank you so much for such a profound explanation I appreciate your help.

You doing a tremendous aid those who trust in fengshui and need. Right now my apartment colored in very light sandal color.

Regarding the horses is there a concern numbers of horses. Hi, the best way to find out a bagua is to take a compass and stand outside the front door.

Then you can see by the compass arrow where the north is. It is good if you have a plan of your appartment. As soon as you know the directions you can apply a square divided into 9 equal squares, like sudoku square.

So you have a 3x3 square. So finally you have 9 parts with the centre in the middle, and compass directions around it.

She has a video exlplaining how to figure out the bagua. Once you find out all the sectors, look for the south and the north on the plan. A little advice I can give about your front door.

Since your door faces NE, you could paint it yellow, orange or any earthly color would do a lot of good. NE is earth element, and you can support the front door element with the help of earth and fire colours.

Next, the horses colour can be red or green or brown in the south auspicious for this area , or black, white or blue in the north.

Thank you so much I appreciate your time and reply. Actually I live in an apartment my main door which is facing Northeast,In this case what I suppose to do..

Another question is there any rules apply regarding the colours of horses. Kindly can you advice me. Horses do help promote the career luck.

The best place for the horse symbol, if you are familiar with bagua, is south or north of your home or office. Both pictures and statues work well.

Be mindful though about the size. It must be proportional to the size of your room or apartment, not too tiny or too huge. There is only one exception: As for the number of symbols, there is no strict rule.

Usually one symbol is enough. Yet, you can augment your personal career luck with the help of your lucky number your date of birth, for example.

Another option is to place a fountain in the north. It will help you find a new career path sooner or later.

Add to this your inner feng shui — your attention to the new opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears wide open.

I am new to Feng Shui ,I have few questions i wish you will be happy to answer me and clear my doubts. Since i have trouble in my career and to obtain success in my life is it good to have Horse statue or painting like rearing?

If so how many horses I should keep as a statue as well in painting or can you advice what type of feng shui symbols please. There are two areas where you can place a horse, according to feng shui.

As an animal of fame, it can be placed in the south of your bagua. As an animal of career luck, a horse statue or picture can be placed in the north.

When it comes to laughing Buddha, place him in the living room facing the door. Hotei will bring you money luck, lightness and take some problems away.

Can I know where should I place a horse and a money happy man? And in what kind will it get me a good luck? Both one-humped and two-humped camels are good feng shui, as far as I know.

Camel as a feng shui symbol personifies wealth luck, indeed. Metaphorically a camel is often compared to a wealth ship that sails through a desert.

A camel with one hump will protect your finance and make your wealth stable. A camel with two humps helps overcome financial difficulties. The best place for a camel is south-east of your home or office, which is a wealth sector.

You can place it in the north-west also to support the man in the house. We have bought a single humped camel statue. Thanks for your question.

A turtle is a very beneficial symbol of many good things, especially career. You can place it in the north area of your bagua at home or in your office.

My brother in law gifted me one turtle made of crystal. I want to know what it symbolizes and in which direction should i keep it?

In a bowl filled with water or just without that. Amalia, there are many ways in which you can enhance your love and career luck, according to Feng Shui.

One way is to know your Chinese zodiac sign, which is Wood Dragon, and find charms in accordance with your birth element wood and your zodiac animal sign dragon.

You may also use general charms for wealth, like citrine stones, laughing buddha or fountains which symbolize money flow. Speaking of home feng shui, you need to know where to place them though.

If you want to help yourself with body feng shui, wear stones like citrine, crystal stones, images of your own zodiac sign and other friend signs.

Lakshmi is a very powerful deity when it comes to wealth. You can place Her in the south-east of your home. Traditionally 3 coins attached to a red string in your purse are a very powerful wealth charm.

Love luck can be improved by happy couple images in your bedroom, hieroglyph sign of double happiness, pink quartz mandarine ducks.

Wearing beautiful lingerie is another great way for singles to attract love. Having some empty space in your wardrobe is also helpful.

Good luck to you in whatever way possible. My kitchen walls have very high ledges and I have placed a two foot angel and my biggest gargoyle on them.

When I placed them there I did it for them to protect us. Thanks for your question, Deborah. I find gargoyles fascinating. They decorate the walls of so many cathedrals in Europe, including Nottre-Dame de Paris.

Also, gargoyles have a guardian aspect to them. In fact, anything meaningful to you in feng shui brings you the energy that you feel about them.

There is one feng shui trick. Before you even place a symbol in your home you need to tell your symbol what function they are supposed to do. This way you program them to help you.

You may "tell" your gargoyles to protect you, for example, for better home protection Have fun. Do gargoyles do anything?

I have a collection of them from very small to three feet high. Alby, Feng Shui is not about the zodiac of the twelve astro signs of the year. Nina, you may need to invite a Feng Shui specialist as business Feng Shui needs extra attention.

From 15 January our business is going down and we are losing customers, due to this we are facing a huge financial loss. I am December 26, I want to know how to get my lucky charm for career and love, because I feel those things I am not lucky.

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The famous dragons Dragon is the most famous symbol of luck in the Chinese culture. Goldfish for attracting wealth Goldfish are thought to bring good luck because their movements resemble the movement of healthy chi energy.

And what about your home? Do you have any animals of good luck in your home? Other lucky animals In Chinese culture many animals are associated with wealth.

Crane symbolizes longevity and good luck. It is present in numerous works of the Chinese art. I wish you the best of fortune! What is your favorite animal of good luck?

I have my own lucky animal! It is placed in front of a shop, a playing hall, restaurants and firms. It teaches how to build and decorate our home and working place for them to respond to our emotional and spiritual needs in the best way.

The theory of Feng Shui was being formed during many Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

Do you know any other animals of good luck? You can throw away your fountain or fix it. According to rent shui photo lion attack deer. What happen if scorpion enter in house?

Is it a good sign or bad? I have two pictures of dragons should they face each other or look away from each other. Hi, I saw a showpiece of male frog sitting on a swing.

My husband born the year of a Horse and I am born in born the year of a pig. We are trying for a baby. This is a list of lucky symbols, signs and charms.

Luck is symbolized by a wide array of objects, numbers, symbols, plant and animal life which vary significantly in different cultures globally.

The significance of each symbol is rooted in either folklore , mythology , esotericism , religion , tradition , necessity or a combination thereof.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Horseshoe English and several other European ethnicities Horseshoes are considered lucky when turned upwards but unlucky when turned downwards, although some people believe the opposite.

The New York Times. Retrieved April 26, Buda Gris-gris Sampy Sleeping child. Apotropaic magic Astrology and science Coincidence Debunker Divination Folk religion Fortune-telling Magic and religion Magical thinking Numerology Perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena Post hoc ergo propter hoc Traditional medicine Urban legend.

Retrieved from " https: Luck Lists of symbols. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September

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